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Gustav's new band ROONI will release their first single "Run (Into My Arms)" the 22nd of October, but if you would like a free download of the song a couple of weeks in advance, do this: enter and like the page. Then Rooni will mail you the song, for free! So, what are you waiting for?



The music blog "The Un-Herd Music" included "Paul Stanley" in the last mixtape. Even cooler, the blog named "Makeup On, Letdowns Off" the best EP of 2011. Read the stories here: -



"Paper Cuts" is featured on Real Gone´s new compilation, a collection of 16 songs which are free to download. Here´s a link to this free sampler:



The swedish music blog Que Club has written some really nice words about the record "Makeup On, Letdowns Off" and named it as "the next big thing". Check it out here:



"Paul Stanley" went in at number 3 on Spotifylistan, thanks to everyone who voted for the song! It would be cool if you could give the song support this week as well, so if you´ve got a spare minute - click on the link and vote for "Paul Stanley". Hopefully, the song will stay on the list for some more time, and again, thanks for voting! Here´s the link to this weeks Spotifylista:



A big thanks to everyone who showed up last thursday! The band is now looking foward to new gigs, and right now the remains of 2011 and the beginning of 2012 is in the booking process. This webpage has received a small facelift, and apart from new pics there is also a new section called GUSTAV NILSSON´S BLINDING LIGHTS - check it out for yourself to see what the fuzz is about. More things are about to happened, so stay tuned!



Don´t forget to visit Underbara Bar (Östgötagatan 33, Medborgarplatsen, Stockholm, Sweden) this thursday. Gustav Nilsson´s Blinding Lights will play a set here this evening, somewhere around 9 PM. The entrance fee is only 40 SEK and the band has promised to play a really tight show. Gustav Nilsson´s Blinding Lights consists of Gustav Nilsson (Vox & Guitar), Efraim Törnfeldt (Guitar & Vox), Johan Andersson (Bass Guitar) and Johan Portmark (Drums & Percussion). Other acts this evening includes Hugo Lindmark & Christoffer Gustaffson. For more info, visit:



"Paul Stanley" is bubblare at Spotifylistan. Vote for the song to enter the list (for free, no registration needed, just a couple of clicks) here:



"Makeup On, Letdowns Off" has caught some buzz on the world wide web. Here´s three different views on the music on the record:



"Makeup On, Letdowns Off" is released! Today the six track record hits the shelves and you can order it in the digital fashion at Amazon and iTunes. If you would like to buy a physical copy of the record, send a mail to The prize for the record is 50 SEK (approxmately 5.50 Euro, 7.50 USD or 4.50 GBP) + postage. If you´ve got access to Spotify, search for "Gustav Nilsson" or visit this link to listen to the record: Gustav Nilsson – Makeup On, Letdowns Off. You can alos listen to some of the songs on this homepage, just click on LISTEN to get started.



Gustav Nilsson´s Blinding Lights will kick off their first live performance as a unity on Thurday the 20th October on Klubb Inte Bara Unplugged. The club is located at Underbara Bar, Östgötagatan 33, Stockholm. The doors will be open from 19.30, the entrance fee is 40 SEK and the closest subway station is Medborgarplatsen. Other acts includes Christoffer Gustafsson and Hugo Lindmark + bandet. For more info, click on this link:



Meadow Music writes about "Down Down Down". Check it out here:



Release date for the new EP, to be titled "Makeup On, Letdowns Off", will be 2011-09-21! It will contain six songs and will be available at services as Spotify, Amazon and iTunes from this particular date. If you would like to pre-order the physical release of the record, send a mail to:, write down how many records you want, your address and contact info, and we will get bak to you as soon as possible. The prize for the record is 50 SEK (approxmately 5.50 Euro, 7.50 USD or 4.50 GBP) + postage.



The Polish podcast Mój Odtwarzacz (My Pocket Player) has picked up "Down Down Down"! Here´s a link to the podcast:



Spotify has picked up ‎"Down Down Down"! If you´ve got an account at Spotify, visit this link to listen: Gustav Nilsson – Down Down Down



‎"Down Down Down" has been added to the "Indie Music Sampler" internet radio playlist! Here´s the link



More music blogs mentions "Down Down Down". Here´s links to Indiependentmusic - BoggBlogg - Faronheit



"Down Down Down" is now available at Amazon, Tunbetribe and iTunes! Links: iTtunes - Amazon - Tunetribe



The swedish music blog writes this (in swedish) about "Down Down Down": "Om gårdagens okända artist bjöd på amerikansk folk bjuder dagens okända artist oss på en glad melodi i 50-talets tidiga rock n’ roll trots att den precis har släppts . Det känns som svängande höfter, pomada på burk, glimten i ögat, tjejer i pastellklänningar och killar i överdimensionerade kavajer. Släng in lite whiskey i plunta, tjuvrökningens tjusning och tuggummidoft så är vi hemma. Gustav Nilsson var leadgitarristen i det numera avsomnade Claes Cleeve & Sasquatch. Down Down Down är tagen från kommande EPn “Makeup On, Letdowns Off.” Det är ett tips för de som gillar musik som far iväg 50 år bakåt istället för framåt i tiden. " Read the full article here:



The music blog Scientists Of Sound writes this about "Down Down Down": "I'm not normally a fan of guitar driven music but Gustav Nilsson might very well have changed my opinion on that.The super tight, brilliantly fresh guitar solos and upbeat rhythms are sure to lighten anybodies mood, even with the tracks heartfelt lyrics." Read the full article here:



"Down Down Down" is released today! We offer a free listen/download (mp3 in 192 kbps) for a limited time, so get it now before it´s too late! Just click HERE to listen, rightclick on the link and choose "save target" to download.



The single "Down Down Down" will be released on a glorious wednesday - the 17th of August! The song will be available worldwide on services as Spotify, ITunes, Amazon and more. Stay tuned for more info and check out the artwork below!


So, the new songs are all done now! While waiting for the release of the record, we´re giving away one of the songs for free listening. "Guilty As Pleasure" can be heard as many times as you wish, just click HERE to listen to it! In a month or so, the first single will be released digitally, then a couple of weeks later the real deal - the new EP - will be available. Stay tuned for more precise information about release dates and stuff like that.



Waiting for the new EP? There´s a new video to watch, featuring the old song "I'm Supposed To Do So Many Other Things", while the new songs are finishing up in the studio. Visit The WATCH section if you're up to it!



Things are moving on great when it comes to the recording of the new EP. This weekend Gustav will record the lead vocals in Gothenburg together with Pontus Fagerström. When it´s done, just about everything is on tape. If the mixing moves along in good fashion, we will be able to present the first song in not too long. Stay tuned!



Last weekend the work begun and now the drum parts for the forthcoming EP are recorded. Johan Andersson handled the recording and Johan Portmark banged the drums. There´s some photos from the sessions available on the PICS section. Soon the bass parts will be put on tape as well to supplement the fantastic drumming!



In the beginning of March Gustav, together with Johan Portmark and Johan Andersson, will enter the studio
to record the first steps of the upcoming EP. The first single will hopefully be out before summer strikes.



We´ve got a pic from todays rehearsals. Seems like a moment filled with real action. Visit this link for a glance at some of
Johan Portmark´s drumming madness:!/photo.php?pid=5188210&fbid=435790618982&id=6820668982



Dennis Johansson is making a short documentary about Gustav Nilsson, David Alsing and August Rex. The documentary is focusing on a couple of days
when the three of them is preparing for and later on playing a show together in Karlstad. See the first episode here:



Rehearsals for Gustav Nilsson´s next record has begun, and so far it sounds amazing! Six songs are planned to be recorded,
two of them are "Paper Cuts" and "Guilty as Pleasure" (in a brand new version that differs quite a bit from the previous live recording of this song, all for good´s sake).



Gustav´s next record is still a work in progress. With a little bit of luck will the recording sessions be held this fall in Gothenburg.
One thing that is for sure is that Johan Portmark will be the drummer, and that´s one thing that should guarantee high quality!



Gustav is working on his next record, an EP with the working title "Black Star".
Right now he´s recording home demos, but a full studio recording is planned to this fall. Stay tuned for further info!



Tomorrow, the 30th of April, evening will feature Gustav Nilsson at Snövits stage (click here for poster).
Gustav enters the stage around 22.00, and has promised to play a varied set with most originals, but also some covers.



We´re happy to announce that Gustav will play a set at Club Probation, Snövit - Ringvägen 147, Skanstull, Stockholm.
The date will be 30 April, 20.00, and the entrance fee will cost 60 kr.



Gustav has recorded a cover of The Killers "Mr. Brightside" as a thanks to everyone who voted
for him at the OA competition. It´s possible to listen to the song at the WATCH section.



Two more new songs at the LYRICS & CHORDS section:
"The chemistry between us" and "The art of not letting go"



Two new songs at the LYRICS & CHORDS section:
"Dream number seventeen" and "Theme for the 21st century"



Vote for Gustav Nilsson to open one of Erik Hassles shows! Send the text OAE GUSTA
to 72500 (cost 6 SEK which is approximately 0,9 dollar or 0,7 Euro). Watch the contest here:



This homepage has received a major facelift!
Hopefully it will not just look nicer, but also will be both faster and easier to navigate.



Gustav is right now writing material for a new record, which hopefully will be great!
Stay tuned for further information.


"New York" has been played on Värmlandstoppen, P4, today. Another song that has been broadcasted recently
is "The art of not letting go", on the Radio Orphans show which is a podcast from Minneapolis, USA


We´ve been working with a new design for the page, making it faster
and better looking, and now it´s launched. Much better in every way!


Gustav´s EP "You have brushed your teeth so clean" is now available at Spotify!
Have a listen here -


There´s a new LINK for the Lille Killen Records blog. Visit the page for reviews of Gustav´s records,
information about digital distribution, online ordering of Gustav´s EP:s and some fun facts.


Today Gustav´s new EP "Graphite Sketches" is released! Have a listen and
order the record under the LISTEN section.


A new video at the bottom of the LISTEN section! It´s a homemade cheapo
animated video for the song "The chemistry between us". Enjoy!


Three out of six songs from Gustavs forthcoming record, "Graphite sketches", is now
available at the LISTEN section. Enjoy!


There are new live pics at the PICS section. Gustav is also mixing his new songs, which will soon
be released as a new EP named "Graphite sketches". The release is scheduled to the first of June.


There´s a new video at the bottom of the LISTEN section. It´s a live clip
of the unreleased song "Guilty as pleasure", both as a viewable Youtube clip and as s downloadable MP4.


One new song under the LYRICS & CHORDS section; "My hometown blues".
There´s also some previously unseen studio pics under the PICS section.


There´s two new songs under the LYRICS & CHORDS section: "New York" &
"I´m supposed to do so many other things". Enjoy!


Gustav will record some new, mostly acoustic songs, this weekend. Hopefully you will hear the result before this summer.


Now there is a chance to win Gustav´s new EP on Facebook. Click HERE to go to the contest.


Today Gustav releases his EP "You have brushed your teeth so clean" , and plays at Ingesund, Arvika. Don´t miss it if you´re around!


Now there is a possibility to have a sneak listen to Gustav´s new EP.
Click the LISTEN Button and you´ll see the new songs from "You have brushed your teeth so clean"


It is now possible to buy Gustav´s band Claes Cleeve & Sasquatch´s debutalbum on CDON. Click HERE to go there.


New pics up! Also, some news about Gustav´s new EP:
the release date for "You have brushed your teeth so clean" will be 2009-02-18!


Claes Cleeve & Sasquatch´s debut record is now released, combined with a great live performance at
Nöjesfabriken, Karlstad. Read a review of the record HERE


Happy new year! The first months of 2009 will bring you a new EP by Gustav
and the debut album from his band "Claes Cleeve & Sasquatch". Stay tuned for more information.


Gustav will play some songs at the show "Trubadurer" in February 2009 hosted by Ingesunds Musikhögskola.


Gustav has been recording two new songs this week; "New York" & "I´m supposed to so many other things. The recording was handled by Pär Carlsson at Ingesund studios and featured Andreas Hamberg, bass; David Alsing, drums; Martina Lassbo, violin; Daniel Austern, viola and Nikolai Lindholm, backing vocals & handclaps. Hopefully the material will get mixed soon.


One new song under the LYRICS & CHORDS section; "Toothpaste"


The LINKS section is now updated.
Become a fan of Gustav Nilsson on Facebook here


Gustav has begun to rehearse for the recordings of two new songs
together with David Alsing (drums) and Andreas Hamberg (bass).


There´s two new songs under the LYRICS & CHORDS section;
"Mulholland Drive" and "Two pages of bad poetry". Enjoy!


There´s a new button on the page: "LYRICS & CHORDS". If you want
to play along to the songs, check out the stuff here. So far there´s three songs available here: "Time to kill", "Photograph" and "Like I never really cared".


Gustav´s EP "Like I never really cared" is finished, you can now listen to the songs
and order the record if you click the LISTEN button .


Gustav´s song "The chemistry between us" will be played on a local
radiostation in Gothenburg tomorrow, thanks to Pontus Fagerström.


The release for Gustavs upcoming EP "Like I never cared" is scheduled
somewhere around October/November 2008.


You can now listen to one song from Gustav´s forthcoming EP.
Click at the LISTEN button and look for "My hometown blues".


There´s starting to happen things with the mixing of some songs Gustav
recorded in 2007, and hopefully they will be released this fall. Stay tuned!


Gustav is playing guitar & harmonica on Claes Cleeve Nordwalls debut record
which will be released on Backwood records this fall. It will be great!



Gustav has been working together with Claes Cleeve Nordwall on a couple of gigs and recordings, hopefully you´ll hear something more from the project soon. Gustav did a show at Ritz in Arvika together with Emil and the Warmlanders, David Alsing and August last thursday. He´s also played a couple of shows with David and August at some places in Värmland, there´s new pics from these events up now. A new show is booked together with David, August, Göran Nilsson, Helene Åhrström and Lisa Gagerman at Ingesunds Folkhögskola, the 27:th of May, 19:00. Be there!


This homepage has been poorly updated lately, here´s a resume of the last weeks:
Gustav´s graduation concert went great, he also played a show together with August and David in Hökerum last weekend and he will play another show at Ritz in Arvika the 15th of May. He´s also writing new material for a record with the working title "You have brushed your teeth so clean". More info will come!


Gustav Nilsson will have his graduation concert from Musikhögskolan
Ingesund in a couple of weeks. Check out the poster HERE


There´s some new livepics uploaded.
Therese Roos was the photographer. Check them out HERE


You can now read Gustav´s blog, about music and other stuff (only in
Swedish though). Check out LINKS


Both the songs "Time to kill" and "Mulholland Drive" has been "Track of
the day" att recently. Thanks everyone for voting!


Gustav has recorded two songs at Seaside music studios in Gothenburg this weekend,
"Toothpaste" & "The chemistry between us". You can download them for free under the "LISTEN" section


There´s now some pictures from the gig in Karlstad, taken by Jenny Arnér.


It was a great gig in Karlstad. maybe a video clip from the show will end up here
sometime. The site has a new look too, nice huh?


There has been a problem with my computer, but now it´s fixed and the site is back on track.
Gustav, David & August will play in Karlstad, Värmlandsmuseét, this saturday 18:00.


Now you can watch a live video of "The chemistry between us".
Click LISTEN to watch and/or download.


Gustav and August will play at an art exhibition at Kyrkeruds folkhögskola, Årjäng,
this Saturday, at 12:30. Own material and some covers. Duration: 1,5 h.


You can now listen to the songs from the show "Trubadurer". Click Listen and there´s
the new song "The chemistry between us" and the slightly older "Mulholland Drive".


Gustav will play two songs on the show "Trubadurer" Musikhögskolan
Ingesund next Wednesday, the 2nd of May. Other participants will be Göran Samuelsson, August, David Alsing, Göran Nilsson, Anders Fischer and Maria Nilsson.



You can now listen to a rough mix of the titletrack
of the new record on


The last guitar and piano parts is now recorded.
The mixing of the new E.P. will begin soon.


New pics from the studio!


Gustav has recorded tracks on his new E.P. last weekend at Ingesund studios.
Everything is on tape except the electric guitars and a little fancy piano.


Gustav Nilsson will tour in Värmland next week, together with Ann Ekberg
Carl-Michael Arnér and August. Check GIGS for more information


Happy new year to everyone! The new songs will be recorded in
January/February. Maybe a clip from the latest gig will end up here soon.


Gustav is rehearsing for his new record, it will be recorded
in late december if everything will go as planned.


The gig on Ritz will be for sure on December 13:th, which is also
Mr Nilsson´s birthday. 19:00, free entrance, David and August will also play!


Gustav Nilsson, David Alsing and August did a great show yesterday,
the arrangement was great too. Göran Samuelsson, Wille Crafoord and Göran Nilsson also played, among others.


"A day or two with you" will be played on
"Demo" today, Uppsala studentradio, 19:00.


"A day or two with you" wasn´t played today
due to technical problems, listen next week instead.


"A day or two with you" will be played on
"Demo" today, Uppsala studentradio, 19:00.


Gustav will be playing in Karlstad the 18:th
November, at "Värmlandsmuséet", 13.00.


Oh no, there won´t be a gig at Ritz the 15:th
but maybe 13:th December, stay tuned!


"A day or two with you" will be played on
"Värmlandstoppen" today, 5 PM, radio P4.


Gustav Nilsson will be playing at Ritz in Arvika
15:th November, at 19:00. Be there!


Gustav Nilsson goes online,
how ´bout that?