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1. No angels on my side
2. The art of not letting go
3. My hometown blues
4. Photograph
5. Two pages of bad poetry
6. Like I never really cared

gustav nilsson - vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, harmonica, banjo solo
johan bengtsson - electric bass
august svensson - upright bass, guitar, mandolin, backing vocals
david alsing - drums, banjo, backing vocals
gabriella blomstervall - violin
pär kunze - saxophone, clarinet
pontus fagerström - backing vocals, organ

music, lyrics and arrangements by gustav nilsson (manus).
strings, woodwinds and backing vocals arranged by gustav nilsson, august svensson & david alsing.
recorded by viktor israelsson at ingesund studios. mixed by pontus fagerström at seaside music,
except track 3 which was mixed by viktor israelsson at ingesund studios.
mastered by pontus fagerström at seaside music.
produced by gustav nilsson, viktor israelsson & pontus fagerström.

if you like the songs, you can order the record: mail to
60 Sek (approximately 6 Euro or or 4,50 Pound or 8 Dollars) + postage